Literacy Lady

“Who is the LiteracyLady?” Is she an entrepreneur, professor, parent, artist, designer, or a teacher?  I have been all of these things, at one time or another. More than anything, I am passionate about teaching young children to read. In September 2001, shortly after the terrorist attacks in New York City, I drove to the Hunters […]


After two days in labor, I gave birth to a son. Someone told me that we spend nine months worrying about childbirth only to find out it is simply a door that leads us into life as a parent. It is like learning to read. Once you know, you rarely look back and remember a time […]


I have a foster son. He is the finest person I know. Eric arrived during my final year of college. I was having a planned baby and easing into parenthood. Everything was in order. One day, I came home and found a teenage boy in my living room.  My first husband, Tom, was an Assistant […]